Affectionately known as “Britta” or “The Mermaid Yogi” from her underwater yoga art, Britta Vanacore, B.A. Psychology, is the creator of B. Tru Yoga™ and the Caribbean Yoga Retreats. Britta is a 500h RYT, a 300h certified Ayurvedic Counselor and a Reiki Healer with specialties in acupressure, crystal and chakra therapies. Britta is also an AIDA3 star freediver and was the yoga specialist for the elite Vertical Blue freediving school for six years. Britta teaches a Vinyasa flow laced with Kundalini, energy healing techniques, internal flexibility maneuvers and pranayama.  Her synergistic work in combining yoga, freediving and energy healing allows for a beautiful infusion of the more subtle aspects of yoga into a well-rounded physical and spiritual practice.

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Brittany Trubridge Yoga, Bahamas Yoga Vacation, Bahamas Yoga Retreat, Dean's Blue Hole, Long Island BahamasPhoto by Franck Vieljeux

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Brittany Trubridge, Underwater Yoga, Bahamas Yoga Retreat, Deans Blue Hole, Bahamas Yoga Vacation, Freediving, Long Island Bahamas, B Tru Yoga

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