When we hold our air in (Antar Kumbhaka), such as in a freedive, we become closed circuits of energy. As we descend the blood shifts away from the extremities and poles of the body and moves towards the heart and lungs to preserve the royal organs. As this happens, we find ourselves engaging in full pratyahara (withdrawal of the senses), inducing a deep meditative state where our thoughts begin to cease and we fall into what is the definition of yoga: “Yogas chitta-vritti-nirodhah” – “Yoga is the cessation of the activities of the mind.”

It is essential that the internal energies are running efficiently in order for the body to effectively preserve what oxygen it has for an extended Antar Kumbhaka -especially while simultaneously engaging muscular activity. For this reason the cleanliness of the energy system as well as the flow of energy towards the heart is a cornerstone in my yogic approach both to apnea and in general.

In our everyday yogic practice, we must remember that it is only at the heart where we are able to properly balance the upper and lower poles  of the body and infuse both the compassion and empathy needed in order to bring out the greatest qualities in each. In the practice of freediving the heart and lung center are of utmost importance and in focusing our practice here we are able to find a sense of harmonic balance -stillness, which allows us to transcend what most consider to be normal bodily capabilities.

Yogic applications of asanas, pranayama, and subtle energy techniques are combined in order to increase the internal and external flexibility needed in a freedive, while visualization, deep relaxation and meditation are infused in order to develop the mental capacities needed to take your performance to the next level.

Most of my European Courses are held in conjunction with my husband, William Trubirdge, who is also the current World Record Holder in the No Fins and Free Immersion disciplines of freediving. William also makes an appearance in my Bahamas Yoga Retreats and holds separate more advanced freediving courses of his own. I myself am an AIDA 3 star freediver and though I do not compete I do spend a good bit of time in the water! William and I live on Long Island, Bahamas -home to the deepest salt water blue hole in the world, Dean’s Blue Hole, and freediving and yoga are fully integrated into most every aspect of our lifestyle together.

“Britta is very kind, real, professional and passionate about her work. For a teacher to truly understand their own knowledge, and to teach and transmit it to their students in an honest and real way is what every student wants. I learned fast and easy many new breathing techniques along with quite a few ‘aahaa!’ moments. Britta is a great teacher and I hope to work with her again soon.” Jean Jacques Mayol, Founder of Team Mayol, Elba Island, Italy


Brittany Trubridge

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Photos by Elena Kalis (4), Daan Verhoeven (6), Ilona DuBuske, (7) William Trubridge (3,5)