I’m an avid juicer. I don’t do juice cleanses (tried it once and might again in the future but not in any hurry!) but rather just like to keep a jar of the green stuff on hand. I use a masticating juicer and store the juice in a large mason jar for up to 3 days. I like to try to take it on an empty stomach to get the full benefits so I generally will enjoy a glass first thing in the morning or a few hours after I’ve digested a meal as a vegetable substitute if I’m feeling too lazy to chop a salad!

Juicing extracts the vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and minerals from the fiber of fruits and vegetables allowing them to be more quickly absorbed into the body. Green juices specifically help to balance the pH of the body by alkalizing. I always use a veggie as the base and only ever add in a small amount of sweet fruits to give it a little extra flavoring. Most fruits are better consumed whole (on an empty stomach so they don’t ferment!) as they contain high quantities of sugars and need their natural fiber for a slow release of the the sugar into the system. Large amounts of simple sugars cause insulin spikes in the body and throws the endocrine system off balance.

My go-to juice is two cucumbers, a head of celery, 2 green apples, a chunk of ginger and sometimes a carrot, a lemon or a few broccoli stems. Sometimes I’ll add a pinch of cayenne into a separate glass or do 1/2 green juice and  1/2  coconut water.

Recently I tried something new that I’ll definitely being doing more of in the future. I juiced everything separately so I could create a juice of my choice rather than drinking a huge mason jar of the same thing over the course of a few days. Here is apple, celery, cucumber, ginger, grapefruit and lemon. I also had a jar of neem tea and coconut water to spice things up a bit.



This was super fun because each day I was able to create a totally new juice of my choice. Here are a few of the mixes I came up with:

Apple, celery, ginger and coconut water:

Ginger, lemon, cucumber, grapefruit, neem:

Apple, coconut water, almond milk, cinnamon:

Almond milk, coconut water, cacao powder:


And the list really goes on but I got lazy with documenting it 😉

Point is, juicing can be really fun! You can have savory, spicy or even sweet juices. So go on -add some green to your life! Your body will thank you <3


xo, Britta