Dean’s Blue Hole Yoga Video

So young, so how were you to know
You’re a carrier, a carrier, of the light inside of you?
Glows green in the pitch black night
Can’t tell anyone, it’s hurting you
So hold it in, cover up, pull up your sheets
A torpedo cruising in the ocean, and soon it’s due
So I got to sit up, sit up
For […]

Bahama Bush Medicine

Neem, coconuts and aloe grow abundantly around my little tropical home so I’ve taken the hint and put them to good use! These days I keep a mason jar of coconut water and one of neem tea in my fridge at all times. And Once a week I make a small jar of aloe/cranberry/tumeric […]

The Music in My Head

“What is wonderful about music is that it helps man to concentrate or meditate independently of thought. Therefore music seems to be the bridge over the gulf between the form and the formless.”-Hazrat Inayat Khan from The Mysticism of Sound and Music * Via Mystic Mama


New Moon in Virgo

Photo by Ilona DuBuske

New moon in Virgo tomorrow. Do you feel her? Funky energy. Past and subconscious energy is coming up. Hang tight, don’t beat yourself up or let guilt/fear seep in. Stay present, stay conscious, forgive (yourself and the other) and breathe awareness and love into whatever it is that’s reminding you it’s […]