Bahamas Yoga & Freediving

Yoga and Freediving Retreats in the Bahamas
As a little girl I always took so much pride in the fact that my grandmother was a Bahamian. I would proudly chime on the playground of my Florida elementary school, “I am a Bahamian!” and would even bring the beautiful yellow, turquoise and black flag along with […]

Coast ↠

Photo by Ilona DuBuske
In the past months I noticed that all the hustle and bustle of my business began to wear me down  and drown out that little guiding voice within. Upon experiencing the effects of ignoring this (anxiety and stress to name a few) I saw that I needed to take a few […]

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 Underwater Yoga Features + Interviews

Photo by Elena Kalis
There has been a recent wave of underwater yoga features and interviews popping up and I’m super thankful for the recognition of our art as the original in this category. As underwater yoga is becoming more and more of a fad I would like to again emphasize […]

B Tru. B You.

“I have been a seeker and I still am, but I stopped asking the books and the stars. I started listening to the teaching of my Soul.” -Rumi
Listen to your inner wisdom. March to the beat of your own drum. There is no one way. We are all so completely different. There are billions […]