britta-L1Photo by Mondetta Performance Gear “I Am” Spring Collection

For all my life I have faltered and carried on, faltered and carried on, with nothing but a tiny but strong insight to rely upon and cultivate. A tiny light that leads the way, that reminds me I am not all bad, it is not all dark. There are two very real parts of my being -a destructive part and a healing part. And I have to keep trying to cultivate the healer despite every ingrained tendency in me to destroy. But I cannot deny my shadow. By denying it I deny so much of who I am. Why are we so afraid of our shadows? Isn’t there a kind of healing power and creative genius in them too if we can look at them without resentment and fear? If we can redirect their power instead of repress it? I will try…because I want to be whole. And I know this means that I am water and fire. Yin and yang. Night and day. Strong and broken. I am.